Working Terrier Show

1000 - 1600

Working Terrier Show Schedule

1. Rough Jack Russell Dog

2. Smooth Jack Russell Dog

3. Fell Type Dog

4. Lakeland Dog

5. Border Dog

6. Crossbred Dog

7. Any Variety Terrier Dog

8. Rough Jack Russell Bitch

9. Smooth Jack Russell Bitch

10. Fell Type Bitch

11. Lakeland Bitch

12. Border Bitch

14. Any Other Variety Terrier Bitch

15. Dog Puppy (under 12 months)

16. Bitch Puppy (under 12 month)

Puppy Championship - Winners of Classes 15 - 16

17. Veteran (over 7 years)

18. Couples

19. Entered Terrier

Championship - Winners of Classes 1 - 14

Any variety means not separately classified. No Terriers docked after April 2007 to be shown without exemption certificate.

The Organisers' reserve the right to cancel, split or amalgamate classes. All entries at the owners' own risk. The Judge's decision is final. The Organisers' take no responsibility for the loss, accident or injury to any person, animal or property, before, during or after the event.

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